What is a Microsite?

What is a Microsite?

A microsite is a website focused on a single cause, an event, offering, product or service.

What is a Buzz Mouth Microsite?

A Buzz Mouth Microsite focuses on creating a site that converts traffic to leads through persuasion architecture, call to actions, with traffic that funnels from Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization and Email Marketing. Buzz Mouth create a holistic integrated strategy for clients.

Microsite Examples

This site is to show you one way to create a microsite and we will explain why it works so well. Here there are examples of social media for the NFL, a Venture Capital Conference and Personal Brand Management.

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Why use a Buzz Mouth Microsite?

Results are based on traffic. We build sites that funnel leads into a story or educational process. We understand that consumers buy and are not sold, we create a buying process to funnel prospects.


Microsite examples

NFL Microsite

NFL Alumni

The Arizona Chapter needed a site very focused on driving results for membership, sponsorship, a raffle and a golf tournament. All for the benefit of the NFL Alumni Association.

We created the front end design, user experience & user interface elements along with extensive usability testing. We created a simple interface focused on driving results for the organization.

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Invest Southwest Microsite

Invest Southwest

A microsite for a Venture Capital Conference, a specific event. We built a social network for entrepreneurs, angel investors, investment banks and venture capitalist interested in Southwest venture investment.

We used their current branding, yet created the social networking user experience & user interface elements along with extensive usability testing.

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Microsite Strategies

Persuasion Architecture

1. Build a site made for conversion.

Buzz Mouth creates site that have many calls to actions, that shares a story and educates people about your product or service. Think of a microsite like a sales funnel. People find websites generally through three ways: search engines, social networks through social media or emails from friends. After we create the microsite, we make sure we optimize your presence on an ongoing basis.

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Search, Social Media and Email

2. Drive traffic using every possible way.

Buzz Mouth drives traffic integrating every possible place on the web where people find your content. We use listening tools to find where the buzz and word of mouth are on the web about your product or service. From there we place social media on social networks, blogs, popular directories, use Search Engine Optimization to get natural free traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. We also create strategies using long tail pay-per-click to drive traffic to your site.

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Content is king on the internet

3. Continue to develop the relationship.

Our Microsites funnel leads to you and create the first point of engagement. From there, we help create an ongoing relationship by developing white papers, articles, podcast, videos and email marketing to drive buzz and word of mouth. We are so effective with our strategies, we guarantee a 10 times return on investment.

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